Dynamic Head Calibration

Increased head positioning precision at any point in the space

Dynamic Head Calibration




Machines are exposed to geometrical variations along their life.

These variations may require re-setting-up the kinematic model of the machine with the help of an specialist technician.


DHC (Dynamic Head Calibration) is a self-calibration system that improves the accuracy of the compensation parameters associated to the head.

The result of the process is a higher accuracy kinematic model of the machine that will improve overall precission.

DHC activates a measurement cycle, measuring the error in a wide range of angular combinations of the milling head.

During the machining process the CNC checks the position of the milling head and interpolates the X-Y-Z position compensation corresponding to it.


  • Ensures excellent machine accuracy
  • Valid for any head model
  • Compensates any angular combination of the head
  • Constantly active, it does not require the specific programming of M functions