Made for you

Creating value for our customers

#MadeForYOU is the expression of our customer-focused mindset. Our focus is consistently centred on each of our customers. This leads us to develop highly innovative solutions which ensure our customers’ technological progress, responding to the most demanding machining challenges efficiently and with high levels of productivity.


  • #MadeForYOU is our focus on each of our customers
  • #MadeForYOU is our commitment to active listening, to asking questions and analysing what customers need
  • #MadeForYOU is thinking, feeling and acting the way our customers want us to
  • #MadeForYOU is our commitment and responsibility to our customers
  • #MadeForYOU is responding to customer’s unique characteristics
  • #MadeForYOU is providing high-added-value services and solutions
  • #MadeForYOU is part of our brand personality
  • #MadeForYOU is becoming our customer’s preferred partner