Accura Heads

Even more accuracy in the working area

Accura Heads


Machines are exposed to geometrical variations along their life.

These variations may require re-setting-up the kinematic model of the machine with the help of an specialist technician.


The Accura Heads solution allows to recalculate the offsets associated with the kinematic model of the head, by means of a specific calibration device, supplied by Soraluce together with the machine.

This enables the possibility to recalibrate the compensation model, at any time and fully automatically, by means of several specific calibration cycles.

In addition, it is possible to include the specific compensation corresponding to a given head position, improving the level of precision when the machining requires it.


  • Calibration of any type of head
  • Direct calibration for any angular head orientation in addition to orthogonal positions
  • Excellent machine accuracy for a specific head orientation
  • Compensation of head dimensional difference, when the machine is equipped with automatic head changing system
  • The option includes different user cycles for calibration of compensation parameters