Data System

Continuous information of machine and process status

SORALUCE Data System is a comprehensive monitoring package which provides improved machine performance and an increase in process productivity, reducing operating costs.

SORALUCE is improving its operational efficiency, connecting machines to a cloud enabling a seamless production information flow and maximising machine performance. The interconnection of equipment and the possibility of obtaining and analysing data from machines open up the path to creating smart manufacturing environments.

  • Proactively analyses machine performance
  • Ensures production efficiency
  • Helps to avoid unplanned production stops
  • Saves time in correcting malfunctions
  • Enables the user to remotely connect to the machine using mobile devices such as a PC, Smartphone or Tablet
  • Under secure connection
Data system

Basic monitoring

Machine status

  • Name of Current Program/Current Block Number
  • Tool Number/Index/Lifetime
  • Position of Spindle/Axes/Rotary Table
  • Position of Head Joints
  • Cycle ON/OFF
  • Cycle Time
  • Alarm YES/NO
  • Temperature of the Head/Column/Ram
  • Operation Mode: AUTO/MAN/MDI/Handwheel
  • Spindle/Axes Override
  • Programmed/Current Spindle Speed
  • Programmed/Current Axes Feed
  • Other custom information under request


  • E-mail notifications
  • A real-time list of the alarms displayed
  • Record of alarms
  • Help texts for alarm recovery are included

Machine utilisation

  • Machine activity in a historical basis 
  • Displays the time the machine has been under production, stopped or not connected 

Energy consumption

  • Real-time electricity consumption of relevant components of the machine-tool, such as the spindle, axes, hydraulic and pneumatic units, cooler, etc.
  • Electricity consumption of each component over time

Advanced monitoring

Machine working conditions analysis

As an advanced solution, SORALUCE proposes the monitoring of different machine elements through sensors located on them. The processing of data from these sensors with special algorithms makes it possible to perform accurate analyses of the process and of the conditions of the machine. This results in a substantial improvement of the production processes.

Machine working conditions analysis


Information about performance indicators, such as machine and component condition data, alarms, process operation, etc. are collected and stored for later analysis.