Corporate responsibility

We live up to our responsibility

Soraluce’s corporate culture is characterised by clear responsibility, mutual respect and trust. Legality and fair competition are integral to our business activities and are a sine qua non condition to ensure the success of our company in the long term.

 “Legal conduct and loyal competition are vital for the long-term success of business at Soraluce. We create a foundation of trust for our relationships with clients and business partners”.

Rafael Idigoras
Managing Director

Responsibility with our products

Soraluce has created a new generation of more humanised machines, by and for the user. The new generation of Soraluce machines is designed for a reduced consumption of energy and consumables.

Protection of the environment

Soraluce is committed to sustainable development and respect for the environment as an example of efficiency and a guarantee for the future. Soraluce is the first company from the machine tool sector to achieve the certification of its product design system and development process management (what is known as ecological design or eco-design) meeting the ISO 14006 standard. Soraluce received this certification with which it achieved a reduction of the global environmental impact of this machine of more than 18%.

Responsibility towards people

Given its international nature and corporate innovation model, Soraluce is based on interrelationships, cooperation and exchanges of knowledge between professionals with different profiles and from different cultures. Soraluce creates stable employment with an annual increase of 2.5%. Soraluce seeks the continuous development of people; we are committed to training, transparency and participation, proactively managing talent and developing the potential of people in a safe and quality work environment.

Responsibility towards society

We have an innovative attitude, a distinguishing feature of our management model; commitment and a vocation to provide a service to society. We are involved in the promotion of the surroundings we are located in; we aspire to a fairer and more equitable society. Soraluce creates wealth in its environment and has proven its commitment to education, culture, etc. by donating 10% of its profits to these organisations.