Maintenance & Inspection

Always ready

SORALUCE´s maintenance programmes help to prolong the life of your machine and keep it in perfect working order.

  • Optimum availability
  • Guaranteed precision
  • Preventing machine stoppages 

Preventive maintenance

Regular preventive maintenance according to a check-list drawn up for each machine model or project.

  • Checking protocols for all items
  • Replacement of filters & other consumables as required
  • Report on system status and functionality and on any measures needed to keep it running optimally
  • Detailed inspection results report
  • Corrective actions required

Geometric maintenance

  • Adjustment of the geometry of the machine, table & heads in case of deviation
  • Alignment of head articulations
  • Geometrical precision. Laser interferometer & ball bar

Head maintenance

  • Preventive head maintenance
  • Repair service
  • Temporary head replacement during repairs