Brand promise

The development of your business is our brand’s promise. A promise made to every client.

Customer orientation

We have and offer our customers solutions for today and for tomorrow. Soraluce’s entire organisation is customer-focused and we combine the knowledge of experts in all fields to offer the best service.

Our customer-focused vocation leads us to develop the most innovative solutions committed to the technological progress of our clients, responding to the most demanding machining challenges with efficiency and high levels of productivity.

Leadership in innovation

Innovation in Soraluce moves beyond mere ideas, it becomes real and tangible in products and projects that set new standards in milling, boring and turning.

Greater production rates, higher accuracy, improved efficiency, enhanced performance, user-friendliness, ergonomics, safety and cost-effectiveness – all while reducing cycle times, downtime, consumption and emissions… This is the sort of progress that makes sense for Soraluce.

Commitment to people

Those of us who work at Soraluce are the brand´s best asset, along with our global partners, who become long-term fellow travellers. Our international presence on the 5 continents gives us local and close-up knowledge to provide the customer a stellar service from the moment they come into contact with the brand.

Creation of value

The Soraluce brand is an indisputable icon of our strategy to maximise the value of our customers, providing them with the best customised products and services that adapt to their needs and offer them the guarantee of a solid product they can trust in. We do it through a strategy based on proximity and a direct relationship to achieve their loyalty and trust.

The SoraluceE brand is synonymous with the creation of value for our customers. Personalisation and flexibility to answer to the demands of our customers is what sets Soraluce apart. We offer the best capacity for adaptation with the highest quality.

Solidity and growth

We think about future generations because we are committed to our own future.

Our growth is sustainable and continual, we are always investing in the development of advanced solutions. With this goal, we are constantly working on the optimisation and expansion of our commercial network and our own service at an international level in all the key markets of growth, thus creating a broad and solid foundation of growth for our business model. At the same time, we are expanding our global production and service structures.

Soraluce is part of Danobatgroup, the Machine Tool division of Mondragon Corporation, one of the most important European holding companies. This gives us an international dimension and a financial solvency that enables us to continue responding to the challenges that the future brings us.

Financial strength

Our growth is also based on responsible business management focused on value as a strategic objective. This can only be achieved through effective structures and processes, the systematic management of investments and through continued cost optimisations.

Our high capacity for self-financing enables us to make long-term investments and guarantees our customers that we will always be there for them.