Modular Quill

The benefits of traditional boring machines and the advantages of modern milling machines

Modular Quill Modular Quill




  • Interchangeability between quill and standard heads
  • Long distance between the machine and the part to be machined
  • Dificulty to maintain the quill system


The system fully automatically interchanges the removable modular quill with the other heads, thus enabling different quill spindles with different diameters and lengths; as well as all necessary milling heads to machine the workpiece.

Compared to traditional quill solutions, the exclusive SORALUCE MODULAR QUILL spindle allows the same distance between the column and the spindle nose for the quill and rest of milling heads, making possible 5-sided machining in the same set-up without any additional repositioning of the workpiece at a long distance from the machine.

The overhang of the milling heads is reduced as the C axis is located inside the RAM. This increases overall stiffness as the ram extension necessary to reach the part is less than what it can be found in traditional solutions.


  • Full interchangeability
  • Compact solution
  • Different heads and quills in a single machine
  • No machine stoppage for quill reparation