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DAS<sup>+</sup> (Dynamics Active Stabiliser) DAS<sup>+</sup> (Dynamics Active Stabiliser)



DAS+ is a smart system which oversees the machining process and selects the best technological alternative to eliminate any chatter that may arise.

DAS+ has a user interface to control realisation of the process, and avails itself of several strategies to eliminate chatter such as active damping in the ram, spindle speed tuning by automatic selection of optimum speed, and harmonic oscillation of spindle speed.

The solution, now available for new machines, can be tted on request to machinery already operational. The system can boost productivity by up to 300%, with 100% cutting capacity through the complete workpiece volume.

DAS+ also improves the surface quality of the parts produced, extends tool life, makes processes sturdier and reduces wear of the machine´s internal components.

  • Boosts productivity by up to 300%
  • 100% cutting capacity through the complete workpiece volume Improved surface quality
  • Extended tool life
  • Reductions of machine’s components wear