High performance capacity in milling, turning and grinding in a single set-up

  • Advanced SORALUCE technology geared towards maximising productivity, precision and customisation: Accura Heads, SSV and Adaptive Control
  • Multitasking machine: a milling, turning and grinding solution in a single set-up 
  • Ø 1000 / Ø 1250 mm turning table for turning and milling operations
  • Heavy duty machine, supporting workpiece loads of up to 5,000 kg for milling and 2,000 for turning
  • SORALUCE head technology: a highly reliable, extensive range of SORALUCE multitasking, enabling milling, turning and grinding operations
  • Automatic tool changing system
  • Specific cycles for grinding
  • SORALUCE Digital, Data System: a comprehensive monitoring package with continuous information of machine and process status 
  • High power and torque for high performance machining
  • Long-lasting precision, resulting from a strict design and assembly process
  • Optimal stiffness and mechanical stability, providing high stock removal capacity for roughing operations
  • Enhanced productivity and precision for components belonging to the precision engineering industries
  • Total machine concept design: complete working area analysed for optimal comfort, safety and ergonomics (maintenance spots, operator area)
Characteristics   TA-M 25 TA-M 35
Table area mm Ø 1250 3500 x 1050 (Ø  1250 included)
Swing (max) mm  Ø 2100
Table speed range min-1 10 ÷ 400
Table spindle power kW 65
Table capacity kg 5000 by milling | 2000 by turning  9250 (5000) by milling | 2000 by turning
Longitudinal traverse "X" axis mm 2500 3500
Vertical traverse "Z" axis mm 1250 / 1500
Cross traverse "Y" axis  mm 1200
Spindle power kW 22 / 24 / 28 / 30 (Universal head) | 25 / 74 (Electrospindle) 
Spindle speed range min-1 4000 / 5000 / 6000 (Universal head) | 12000 / 20000 / 24000 (Electrospindle)  
Rapid traverse mm/min 25000
Tool magazine Nº Tool 20 / 40 / 60


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Technical data

  • Automatic indexing head with turning capabilities
  • Up to 4000 rpm with standard steel bearings, or 5000 rpm with hybrid bearings
  • Air-oil lubricated gears
  • The head includes a clutch in the spindle area for positioning and clamping the spindle at any angle for turning operations. The clutch hydraulically clamps and unclamps the rotation of the spindle for turning operations
  • Possibility of working with bigger diameter workpieces, performing turning operations in a diagonal direction (interpolation X/Z axes)
  • The head can be positioned to avoid interferences with the workpiece
  • The use of this head is highly recommended on multitasking machines (milling and turning)
  • 37 kW
  • 2.5° x 2.5° / 0.001° x 0.001°
  • 4000 / 5000 min-1
Multitasking head

Working Stations

Turning table

Turning table

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