Mould machining (cavities), ejector plates and other ancillary parts.

Project goal

+ Reducing failures in machines

+ Avoiding unplanned machine stoppages

+ Increasing the machine’s life cycle

Project solution

MAIER entrusts Soraluce with the preventive maintenance of its milling centre.

  • Maintenance and inspection:
    • Comprehensive check of the machine
    • Geometry settings
    • Head alignment
    • Replacement of filters and other consumables
  • Replacement head service so that the machine is always operative, even when head maintenance operations are being carried out. This service guarantees Maier:
    • Minimum machine stoppage
    • Manufacturer quality
    • High replacement head availability
    • Maximum precision and quality heads
  • Helpline:
    • Customised support
    • Proximity
    • Quick and efficient

Scheduled servicing avoids unplanned stoppages; it is a new and positive experience at Maier.The head is a priority element in milling. Soraluce offers a service that allows the machine to continue working while the head is being serviced; there is no machine stoppage! Soraluce is committed to customer service, offering the best support, rapid response and proximity.

Eduardo Abaunza
Machining Manager