Precision engineering


Components for several industries such as food industry, aerospace or heavy engineering: gears, turbine components, generators or machine substructures in large dimensions.

Project goal

  • High precision and availability levels for meeting the demands of our customers.
  • Manufacture workpieces of up to a working length of 30 metres and a unit weight of 100 tones 

Project solution

Floor type milling boring machine SORALUCE FR 16000

  • Complete customisation
  • Machine equipped with several heads to cover different types of machining operations : orthogonal heads and fixed horizontal heads
  • Special milling attachments
  • Automatic head changing system
  • Several working areas for a maximum flexibility: rotary-travelling table, floor plates and squares
  • Pendulum working: Non-stop machining; parts are loaded / unloaded while the machine continues to work in another position
  • Easy to change from one reference to another

SORALUCE machines make it possible for us to perform even the most complex assignments according to our customers´ specifications

Mario Wittkowsky
Managing Director