Bombardier Transportation





Project goal

Reducing the number of piece set-ups and production time for railway bogies, increasing productivity levels.

Project solution

FR 6000 floor type milling-boring machine:

  • Tailor-made configuration
  • Machine equipped with several heads to cover different types of machining operations:  automatic universal head, horizontal head, angular head and boring head
  • Special design heads by SORALUCE for specific machine operations
  • Automatic head changing system
  • Vertical machining of the bogie for improved stock removal, reducing heat generation and avoiding workpiece deformation
  • Pendulum machining to prevent idle times
  • Full accessibility to the bogie for verification and measuring operations

The selection criteria for the SORALUCE machines were a high increase in productivity for us, based on the time studies made in advance and which were contractually guaranteed and retrospectively also proven in production

Udo Stettner
Maintenance Manager
Bombardier Transportation



Bombardier - SORALUCE
Bombardier - SORALUCE
Bombardier - SORALUCE
Bombardier - SORALUCE