New SORALUCE High Rail Gantry Milling Machine

"Although we have always been committed to organic and self-financed growth and this will continue to be our focus, as in other industries, the machine tool sector will continue to consolidate in the coming years with the emergence of new international players from outside the sector. It is time to accelerate the pace" says Rafa Idigoras, Managing Director of SORALUCE. 

The product line transferred from CMI is the High Rail Gantry Milling Machine, a product that perfectly complements SORALUCE´s current range of portal & gantry milling machines, allowing it to expand its range of products, solutions and services to existing customers, new customer sectors and the machining of new materials. 

"We know CMI´s track record, the product and the technical and human team very well. There is a solid base to transfer one of its product lines to SORALUCE, provide it with our technological developments and scale it up through our industrial, commercial and financial capacity."