General engineering


Machining complex work pieces with multiple operations for different sectors

Project goal

Improvement of the workpiece manufacturing process, in both the reduction of production times and the improvement of reliability.

Project solution

Multitasking SORALUCE FMT:

  • Complete multitasking function: milling and turning in a single machine
  • The machine integrates two working area, one of which is based on a turning table
  • Stepless milling head with Capto turning attachment enabling full milling and turning capacity
  • High power and cutting speed capabilities for complex  milling, drilling and roughing operations
  • Enhanced flexibility, enabling five-sided machining
  • Tool magazine for 80 tools installed on a separate closed area, at one side of the machine, fully protected
  • Pick-up station located in the tool changer area for Capto C8 tool holder
  • Totally enclosed guarding system with full accessibility for the operator
  • Flexible and efficient programming system

By investing in the F-MT 4000 we were able to further expand and secure our market position as specialists in large, complex precision parts.

Helmut-Christian Dettenweitz
Heldeco CAD/CAM Fertigungstechnik GmbH


Heldeco FMT 4000 - SORALUCE