Capital Goods


Plastic processing systems and film extrusion systems

Project goal

Machining of both turning and milling operations in a single set-up with a great degree of reliability.

Project solution

Multitasking SORALUCE FMT

  • Complete multitasking function
  • The machine integrated two working area, one of which is based in a milling-turning table
  • Stepless milling head and turning head for full milling and turning capacity
  • Machining process in one set-up, optimizing accuracy parameters
  • Reduced workpiece handling time
  • Reduced machining time, increased productivity
  • Unattended machining

Although we have started working with SORALUCE only for a few months, our expectations have been exceeded

Anthony Michael Caprioli
Managing Director



MACCHI, operational division of SOFINTER with over 55 years of history, is a leading and highly experienced company active, on worldwide basis, in the supply of industrial boilers for oil & gas business and heat recovery steam generators for cogeneration plants. They have recently bought their first SORALUCE machine for turning and milling operations in a single set-up.

Why did Macchi trust in SORALUCE?

These are the main reasons that led Macchi to buy a machine with high technological content such as the Soraluce machine. We were looking for a machine that could carry out both turning and milling operations in a single set-up. This allows basically for the following: with a great degree of reliability and in a single set-up, SORALUCE machines achieve all the processes that normally require action by more people and more machines. So, what is the positive side of all this? The process is performed in a single place, so accuracy is always the same.

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