Maschinenfabrik Wüstwillenroth


General Engineering


Machining of very large workpieces.

Project goal

Machining of very large workpieces in final assembly position; high precision and surface quality.

Project solution

SORALUCE PMG 14000 Gantry machining centre:

  • High capacity: 14,000 mm longitudinal travel, 5,500 cross travel and 2,000 mm vertical travel.
  • Direct drive spindle motor, 43 kW / 6000 rpm.
  • Stepless universal head, machined from five sides in just one clamping.
  • Pendulum machining with two work stations, enabling zero downtime.
  • Gigantic workpieces machined in a horizontal position.
  • Tool changing system with storage capacity for 80 tools.
  • SORALUCE DAS system, Dynamic Active Stabiliser, patented.
  • SORALUCE Adaptive Control.
  • SORALUCE Data system.
  • Software development.
  • Consultancy.
  • Covers applications for several sectors such as shipyard, textile, aircraft, machine tools, mining and gearboxes.

"In addition to the interesting possibilities of a large gantry system, it was not least the modern technologies of the machine that convinced us… "After all, we have been working with Soraluce for a long time and are therefore used to a particularly high standard, but the technological possibilities still don´t cease to excite me."

Thomas Zinser and Heiner Zinser
Managing Directors
Maschinenfabrik Wüstwillenroth


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