Injection moulds 


Pressure-injection moulds in aluminium, magnesium and zamak 

Project goal

To improve the parts manufacturing process, both reducing production times and increasing reliability.    

Project solution

Fixed bedplate milling machine with a SORALUCE TA-D 20 rotary table:

  • A highly robust machine that enables roughing and finishing operations in a single clamping
  • 1250 x 1050 mm rotary table with capacity for 6300 kg parts
  • Machine equipped with a universal head with millesimal rotation 0,001º x 0,001º, 24 kW at 5.000 rpm
  • The combination of rotary table and the 360º of the millesimal head give the necessary level of flexibility to be able to execute all these operations in one go.
  • Controlled cooling unit of up to 40 bar
  • Automatic tool change with magazine for 40 tools
  • Deep drilling operations
  • Measured integration of tool and breakage detector
  • Totally enclosed with safety glass

We can attack the part from all sides and carry out all the milling, boring, drilling, threading, roughing jobs… whatever we need

For example, in drilling operation, thanks to the internal cooling in complicated holes we have managed to reduce times by almost 50%.

Oscar Becares
Owner and Manager


Moltegi - SORALUCE
Moltegi - SORALUCE
Moltegi - SORALUCE