SORALUCE presents the new TA-M turning-milling centre, a multi-tasking solution aimed at maximising productivity, with the ability to carry out milling and turning operations on a single machine, offering great machining capabilities and functions.

The machine responds to multi-tasking and versatility requirements, maximising productivity and minimising the time to prepare a part. In this regard, the new SORALUCE TA-M multifunctional fixed bed reduces the number of clamps required, minimising both cycle times and potential errors. This model was designed to respond to the machining needs of various high demand components.

The ability to carry out different machining processes efficiently and accurately, including turning, milling, boring, drilling and threading, are part of its identifying features. To do this, the machine is equipped with a table for milling and turning in two variants of Ø 1000 or Ø 1250 mm and a new SORALUCE H200T multifunctional head for turning and milling operations. The H200T head is equipped with an innovative rotational locking system for the chuck, making it possible to use both milling and turning tools directly without the need for intermediate elements.

The machine has 1250 mm of travel vertically and 1200 mm across and has a capacity for parts of up to 8000 kg for milling and 2000 kg for turning in a range of speeds of 6 ÷ 400 rpm.

Designed to provide maximum stability, its high level of torque power (28 kW / 479 Nm) makes it possible to carry out roughing operations with a great depth of cut. The structural elements are made entirely of cast iron, a material appreciated for its good intrinsic qualities in terms of stability and internal damping capacity.

Being compact and ergonomic, it stands out for its accessibility to the work area, with access from the front and rear to facilitate the set-up of parts and measuring operations, as well as monitoring the operation of the machine.

The SORALUCE TA-M multifunctional centre offers the user all of the technology developed by SORALUCE aimed at improving precision and productivity, such as Accura Heads, Adaptive Control and SSV, the latter being a development which makes it possible to prevent the regenerative effect of certain chatter conditions during the destabilisation process.

The new SORALUCE TA-M completes the wide range of SORALUCE multifunctional machines: FMT milling and turning centre with a 4000 x 1250 mm fixed table and a Ø 1600 mm integrated milling and turning table, highly configurable mobile column multifunctional centres (F range) with milling and turning tables and multifunctional gantry milling machines (P range).

SORALUCE has extensive experience in vertical milling, boring and turning, being acknowledged by its customers for the quality of its service and the high reliability, high performance, flexibility and advanced technology of its solutions, always aimed at improving efficiency and productivity.