Forest machines


Booms and frames of harvesters

Project goal

Complete machining of booms and frames in a fully automated manner.

Project solution

A fully automated, palletised and integral solution based on two SORALUCE FP 8000 duplex model floor-type milling machines for the highest productivity, flexibility and repeatability.

  • Tailor-made palletised production system
  • Fully automated system
  • Duplex solution: production increase of up to 50% in relation to individual machines
  • Complete component machining in a single set-up , improving part precision
  • Automatic tool changing system
  • Fully enclosed pick-up with master spindle and calibration arms for set-up operations
  • Specific cycles and options for duplex milling-boring machines
  • Double control panel to operate both machines from a single position and by only one operator
  • Anti-collision system to prevent any collisions between the two machines in the event of a programming failure
  • Synchronisation of the CNC programs to increase productivity
  • Unification of machine zero points for both milling machines to increase precision of the part to be machined
  • Management and traceability of the parts to be machined by means of ad hoc software developed by SORALUCE

Thanks to the SORALUCE automated solution, zero set-up times makes our production flow

Dr. Juho Nummela
President, CEO



SORALUCE has provided the company Ponsse with a palletised production system for the machining of the booms on its Scorpion model harvester.

Ponsse is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of forest machines. Located in Vieremä, Finland, it is one of the region’s leading companies. Its business model is based on premium products in forest machines, harvesters and forwarders, which are both innovative and technologically advanced. In response to the challenge to increase its market share, Ponsse has committed to the development of new products, whereby it launched its new Scorpion model harvester onto the market, which soon became a sales success and a benchmark among forest machines.

The new generation PONSSE Scorpion harvester has won several prizes for its innovative design: a harvester with a unique structure for improving the driver’s ergonomics and the machine’s operating performance. Among others, it has won over the 38-member jury of the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2015, as well as receiving the 2015 International Swedish Steel Prize and the Quality Innovation of the Year in 2013, an accolade SORALUCE was awarded in 2015 for its innovative Dynamic Active Stabiliser (DAS) system.

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