Forest machines


Booms and frames of harvesters

Project goal

Complete machining of booms and frames in a fully automated manner.

Project solution

A fully automated, palletised and integral solution based on two SORALUCE FP 8000 duplex model floor-type milling machines for the highest productivity, flexibility and repeatability.

  • Tailor-made palletised production system
  • Fully automated system
  • Duplex solution: production increase of up to 50% in relation to individual machines
  • Complete component machining in a single set-up , improving part precision
  • Automatic tool changing system
  • Fully enclosed pick-up with master spindle and calibration arms for set-up operations
  • Specific cycles and options for duplex milling-boring machines
  • Double control panel to operate both machines from a single position and by only one operator
  • Anti-collision system to prevent any collisions between the two machines in the event of a programming failure
  • Synchronisation of the CNC programs to increase productivity
  • Unification of machine zero points for both milling machines to increase precision of the part to be machined
  • Management and traceability of the parts to be machined by means of ad hoc software developed by SORALUCE

Thanks to the SORALUCE automated solution, zero set-up times makes our production flow

Dr. Juho Nummela
President, CEO