Sakana - Lakber


Wind power


Castings for the wind power sector (hubs and frames), both prototypes and mass production

Project goal

Customised solutions with the highest level of versatility to fulfill the workpiece machining in minimum number of set-ups, for the highest productivity.

Project solution

Floor type milling boring machine SORALUCE FXR 12000 W:

  • SORALUCE Advanced Technologies: DAS Systems, Ram Balance System, Adaptive Control, SSV Spindle Spinde Variator and DHC Dynamic Head Calibration System.
  • Machine with big dimensions: vertical traverse of 6500 mm
  • High capacity working area: rotary travelling table with tilting function 4000 x 4000 mm W: 3500 mm with capacity for 100 Tn workpieces
  • Proven optimum in power and cutting speed capabilities, reaching up to 81 kW in S1 operation and 6000 rpm.
  • Machine equipped with several heads to cover different types of machining operations : modular quill (patented system) and orthogonal head
  • Automatic head changing system
  • SORALUCE Data Systems: complete monitoring package

SORALUCE FXR multipurpose milling boring machine features state-of–the-art units with exceptional versatility, delivery high performance and high productivity with the minimum number of workpiece set-ups. 

Zigor Bastida
Managing Director
Sakana - Lakber



LAKBER, incorporated in 2008 in Lakunza (Spain), is a worldwide reference in the machining of castings for the wind power sector. It also machines large-size parts and provides high-precision machining under stringent conditions. It exports mainly to countries such as Germany, Denmark, the US and Brazil, and also supplies the domestic market.

In addition to the mass production of parts, SAKANA - LAKBER develops part prototypes (hubs and frames) and homologates them with OEMs such as GAMESA, SIEMENS, GENERAL ELECTRIC, ACCIONA, Adwen, ALSTOM and MHI Vestas, securing exceptional levels of quality in record time. It produces its own toolings and fixturing systems, carries out its own machining processes and NDT inspections, and laser-measures finished parts.

SAKANA - LAKBER is part of SAKANA Group, which provides a complete offer on big manufacturing, including the casting process, machining, checking and surface treatment process (painting).

Since the outset, SAKANA - LAKBER has used five SORALUCE FR and FX floor type milling and boring machines to machine large-size parts. The machines have a vertical traverse of up to 4,800 mm and a cross traverse up to 1,600 mm, with spindle power up to 46 kW.

As a result of the company’s strategic reflection focusing on extending its range of products to move into new customer sectors, and due to increasing demand for the machining of large-size parts in the energy sector, shipbuilding and other areas, SAKANA - LAKBER asked SORALUCE to supply a suitable machine.

As a result, the best fitting configuration was defined as a SORALUCE FXR-12000-W milling-boring machine with a 6,500 mm vertical traverse and a 1,900 mm cross traverse, 81 kW motor and a rotary table with tilting movement 4,000 x 4,000 mm, W: 3,500 mm with capacity for 100 Tn parts.

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Sakana - Lakber - SORALUCE
Sakana - Lakber - SORALUCE
Sakana - Lakber - SORALUCE
Sakana - Lakber - SORALUCE