Precision engineering


Mechanical processing of large components and medium-sized parts for the energy sector, mainly turbine and compressor parts and general engineering.

Project goal

Highly versatile complete large milling and boring package with extensive and customised equipment.

Project solution

Floor type milling boring machine SORALUCE FR 12000

  • Complete customisation
  • Machine equipped with a continuous step-less universal head which enables reaching difficult positions and a quill spindle
  • Automatic head changing system
  • Several working areas for maximum flexibility: rotary-travelling table 2500 x 2500 mm, W: 2000 mm with capacity for 60 Tn and floor plate
  • Pendulum working: Non-stop machining; parts can be loaded / unloaded while the machine continues to work in another position
  • Easy to change from one reference to another

This machine has a high degree of flexibility… We are capable of engineering complex and even challenging parts

Martin Tillman
Managing Director



Schneider - SORALUCE
Schneider - SORALUCE
Schneider - SORALUCE
Schneider - SORALUCE