SMS Meer


Machinery for metallurgical plants and rolling mills.


Machining of structural parts for rolling mills.

Project goal

Unattended production system for manufacturing of rolling mills frames, fully integrated in their production workflow.

  • Unattended highest productivity
  • Highest flexibility = Capability to manufacture different parts
  • Highest repeatability
  • Full integration in their production workflow

Project solution

Complete machining line composed of (2) SORALUCE FR-W floor type miling machines, (1) SORALUCE FP Multitasking machine and (1) SORALUCE PM gantry machines.

  • Fully automated solution with the integration the machines in a line (BAZ) fed by an Flexible Manufacturing System
  • Full integration of the Flexible Manufacturing System into customer´s lay-out and production process
  • Tool transfer system from a centralized tool management area equipped with a tool transfer shuttle
  • Long – term approach: 2 machines to train new operators in their apprentice school

We complete the project with exemplary collaboration, within the deadline and with a productivity rate of more than 95% of the technical availability

Heinz Joachim Gietmann
Plant Manager
SMS group