SORALUCE DAS System granted with the “Quality Innovation of the year” award

The SORALUCE DAS System (Dynamics Active Stabiliser) received the "Quality Innovation of the Year" award in the large company category on January 27th. The award ceremony took place in Tallinn, Estonia with the presence of Mr. Rafael Idigoras, Managing Director from SORALUCE, Prof. Dr. Iker Mancisidor, ‎Dynamics & Control Department Engineer at IK4-IDEKO, Technology Centre of DANOBATGROUP, Fernando Sierra, Director from Euskalit and Fernando García Casas, Spanish Ambassador in Estonia.

The competition, organized by the Finnish Quality Association, was hosted this year by the Estonian Association for quality (EAQ). Competing projects were mainly form European countries and Israel among others. The goal of the competition is to increase the number and quality of innovations in the competing countries.

The international evaluation team have found that, in the large company category, the innovation presented by SORALUCE had an outstanding rating in the five elements which were evaluated during this process: Novelty Value, Utility, Learning, Customer Orientation and Effectiveness.

The Head of the Jury of the Quality Innovation of the Year 2015 of Estonia, Ms. Tiia Tammaru, mentioned “the world of the machine tools have seen a real revolutions with the SORALUCE DAS System, an innovation that reduces to an extent unthinkable until now the risk of the appearance of chatter during the machining process, this multiplying the performance of the machine”.

The DAS system (patent pending) is the result of the joint effort between SORALUCE and IK4-IDEKO, technology centre of DANOBATGROUP; the group both SORALUCE and IK4-IDEKO belong to and has been tested at BIMATEC SORALUCE, the brand’s Centre of Excellence in Germany. This joint R&D&i work, which focuses on the real applications of users, has been materialised in a device capable of actively increasing the dynamic rigidity of the machine, which reduces the risk of chatter during the machining process and thus increases the cutting capacity by up to 300%.

The operation of the DAS also improves surface quality and reduces the risk of tool breakages by increasing their useful lifetime in extreme cutting conditions.

SORALUCE is the first machine-tool manufacturer in the world to offer, within its product catalogue, a technological concept that has been used for years in other fields of engineering such as aerospace. Research into the dynamics of machines carried out by IK4-IDEKO and the experience of

SORALUCE in the development and application of the solution have been key for the launch of this solution that has meant a significant progress for the technology available on the market.

The system has been put to the test in all kinds of machining processes, such as press heads, motor pole shoes or dies, and in all of them, its use has brought a reduction of up to 45% in the tested milling times.


DYNAMICS ACTIVE STABILISER. The technological revolution that leads the future of the machine tools, reducing the risk of chatter during the machining process

  • 100% cutting capacity through the complete workpiece volume
  • Increases productivity up to 300%
  • Improves workpiece surface quality
  • Extends the tool life
  • Works in real time

The DAS System is also nominated to Best of Industry award, in the category of metal cutting. This award is organised by Maschinenmarkt magazine, one of the most prestigious specialised magazines in the machine tool sector in Germany.

SORALUCE, Home of Innovation 

“Enlightening technology through our Home of Innovation concept”

SORALUCE is committed to actively listening and maintains a very close relationship with customers at all levels, whether they are the company executives, production managers or the operators.

All of this information and experience is analysed and processed at our central R&D&i department, which works in direct collaboration with IK4-IDEKO, technology centre of DANOBATGROUP, the group we both belong to, and which in turn is in contact with the international networks of universities and other research centres.  IK4-IDEKO, located in the vicinity of SORALUCE, has over 120 engineers and 24 doctors, leads innovation in the sector with intensive coo-operation with 40 international research institutes and universities throughout the world and has taken part in over 50 European projects.

This is where customers’ needs find solutions that combine the theoretical concepts of scientific research with the complex reality of milling, boring and vertical turning technologies.

SORALUCE central R&D&i is a multidisciplinary team of engineers from the mechanical, electronic and applications fields. This department is responsible for product evolution, software, heads, accessories and options development. They gather all the inputs from customers and open investigation programs with our research centre IK4-IDEKO to develop the technologies that are materialised and implemented in SORALUCE products, with a close monitoring of the production process. All these new technologies are transferred to the Centre of Excellence in Limburg, BIMATEC SORALUCE, where German engineers test the machines under the most demanding circumstances. The Centre of Excellence is the SORALUCE International technology testing centre and the SORALUCE Academy site. 

BIMATEC SORALUCE combines German engineering knowledge, 25 years of leading experience in the German market and the support and service for the five continents, being SORALUCE’s 2º worldwide service hub. 

It has a workshop of 2000 m2 and a set of machines covering complete SORALUCE range for internal and customer’s trials, besides its own technology department where customized solutions are developed. 

This is how future technology is born in SORALUCE and how SORALUCE assumes technological leadership with its Home of Innovation. Technology born from listening to the market, customers and users. 

This way of workinghas led SORALUCE to become a pioneer and mark on the market: setting new standards in milling, boring and turning technologies. 

The customers can be certain that when buying from SORALUCE they get the technology that they need not mention they are making the right investment, either buying a premium machine with the required customizations, or relying on SORALUCE to perform the most complex custom made projects. 

This ecosystem is our Home of Innovation, which seeks to turn into a reality the technology that will become tomorrow’s new standards, and where SORALUCE invests 6.5% of its net annual turnover, committed to continue being the sector’s technological leader.

Our objective is to improve our customers’ revenue providing them with a technological advantage and real progress.

SORALUCE, wide experience

SORALUCE is the worldwide milling, boring and turning technology leader. Throughout its 50 years of history it has continuously made innovative and pioneering contributions in engineering that have become industry standards. Customers recognize SORALUCE for its expertise in milling, boring and turning solutions, always guided to improve customer’s efficiency and productivity and for its technological capacity to customize each product based in the customer’s individual needs, likewise generating turn-key projects, designing and setting up complete lines according to quality, efficiency and cost parameters required by the investor.

The European brand has extensive experience with over 2,500 machines sold, nearly half of them in Germany, a highly demanding market. It has also been determined that over the years, 80 per cent of customers have trusted its products again.

 SORALUCE is part of DANOBATGROUP, machine-tool division of MONDRAGON Corporation, one of the most important holdings in Europe. With nearly twenty top-level manufacturing plants in Spain, Germany, UK and the United States. It also has its own R+D centre with 120 engineers and 24 doctors. DANOBATGROUP provides one of the most complete and solid multi-technological offer on the market. In 2015 it has achieved a turnover of about 260 million euros with a workforce of 1300, enabling it to continue with a high investment in I+ D+ i, considering to approximately 9 % of its turnover.


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