QIA Prize Award 2020
  • The Quality Innovation Award jury for the international competition has selected Soraluce as the winner of the Prize award in the large company category for the DWS - Dynamic Workpiece Stabilizer – System.


  • From a total of 400 participating innovations, from 20 countries, finally 24 of them have received QIA award recognition (8 Awards and 16 Prizes), Soraluce among them.


  • Already in 2015, Soraluce won the international Quality Innovation Award, maximum recognition, for its innovative DAS® System, which reduces the risk of chatter during the machining process and thus improves the cutting capacity of the machine by up to 300%.


Quality Innovation Award was organized for the 14th time by the Finnish Quality Association and national quality organizations from participating countries in the international competition such as China, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, India, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, South-Africa, Spain and Sweden, among others. 

A total of 416 international innovations from 20 countries participated in the competition. After the national and international selection and evaluation processes, the best 24 were finally recognized with Awards or Prizes (16 Prize winners and 8 Award winners). Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the traditional Awards Ceremony has been postponed to April 15, which will take place in Belgrade, Serbia. 

Soraluce has won the Prize award in the large company category. Soraluce has presented the project "DWS System - Dynamic Workpiece Stabilizer". DWS system allows the elimination of self-excited vibrations (chatter) that are usually generated in the machining of flexible parts, the aforementioned vibrations are caused by the excessive flexibility of the part. 

As always, the winners of the Award in each category passed a strict methodology of evaluation based on their novelty value, usability, learning, customer orientation and effectiveness. The winners were chosen by the participating national Quality Associations via a rigorous voting process.


DWS, Dynamic Active Stabilizer 

The innovative DWS – Dynamic Workpiece Stabiliser, patented, eliminates the chatter which usually occurs when flexible workpieces are being machined. The DWS is an active damping device which consists of a controller and one or more inertial actuators placed over the workpiece to be machined. 

One its main benefits is a better surface finish in areas where the workpiece is more flexible, along with the chance to boost productivity thanks to in-depth passes with no vibration problems. Its user friendliness, its adaptability to different workpieces and its portability are some of the other advantages of the device. 

The DWS, a ground-breaking development on the market, provides an effective solution for the problems associated with machining slim-format workpieces. It is an improvement on traditional alternatives such as the designing of costly special tooling, or less reliable and less effective solutions. 

Soraluce, along with its technological centre, has developed different solutions to eliminate chatter and, therefore, to increase the cutting capacity of the equipment and make the machining processes more efficient. This is a field where the company has successfully been focusing for several years and has received prestigious awards in recognition of that work.

This is a further step in consolidating Soraluce’s prestige as a technological leader in the milling sector, where innovation arises from and for its customers, in order to meet their needs and produce developments that are fully in line with the manufacturing challenges that the customer have to face. 

About Quality Innovation Award

The QIA is a competition created in Finland in 2007 to stimulate the emergence and development of product, process and organizational innovations in which countries such as Finland, Estonia, Hungary, Israel, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Latvia, Czech Republic, Sweden, participate. Spain (through the Centers of Excellence-CEX and EUSKALIT for the Basque Country), China, Russia and several countries in southern Africa. The objective is to help increase the competitiveness of the participating organizations and countries.