SORALUCE will showcase the SORALUCE TA-A 35, a bed type milling machine, distinguished by its optimum stiffness and mechanical stability, providing high stock removal capacity. It is notable for its long-lasting precision, resulting from a strict design and assembly process and the unique mechanical features of the cast iron.  Equipped with lineal guiding system in all axes, it provides immense stability eliminating any vibration during machining processes

The machine design and configuration bring the customer important improvements in maintenance, ergonomics, high dynamics and safety in the work environment.

SORALUCE TA-A bed type milling centre is a heavy machine compared to other bed type milling centres on the market, supports workpiece loads up to 7800 kg. The machine has a table area of 3700 x 1000 mm, 1200 mm vertical traverse, 1250 mm cross traverse and 28 kW spindle power at 5000 rpm. It is equipped with automatic tool changing system and tool magazine for 40 tools. The high torque allows high-performance machining results.

The SORALUCE TA-A 35 model is highly flexible thanks to the automatic universal head indexing at 2,5ºx2,5.

The machine is equipped with a full peripheral enclosure with two sliding doors at the front and one at the back on the left, providing easy access to the work area from the front and rear.

It is the ideal machine for high precision mould and die manufacturers and medium sized precision engineering workpieces, ensuring highest precisions and efficiency.

Additionally the machine incorporates the latest technologies developed by SORALUCE such as Accura Heads, SSV and Adaptive Control for the highest precision and productivity results.

All of these SORALUCE New Generation technologies are integrated into the new control, the Heidenhain TCN640.  This is a multifunction control where SORALUCE can incorporate its know-how in technologies, developments, and applications solutions for precise control and reliable machining.

The milling-boring machine SORALUCE TA-A 35 is also a 4.0 machine, with a complete monitoring package based on cloud computing, SORALUCE Monitoring I4.0. We can connect to the machine from any location and control the situation in real time with machine indicators such as program in course, used tools, axes and spindles speed, etc.