Wind Power


Cast parts for the wind power sector; hubs, frames and rotors.

Project goal

To develop a new concept of multi-task milling machine, capable of turning and milling-boring operations in a single machine, and which allows the machining of new components being added to its product portfolio, such as the offshore wind generator rotor housings.

Project solution

SORALUCE FXR 16000 multitask milling-boring and turning centre. 

  • Possibility of coming milling and turning in a single machine, meaning structural parts such as hubs can be machined, along with completing the machining of large revolving components by combining turning and milling operations in a single machine.
  • Large traverse:16000 mm longitudinal traverse, 6500 mm vertical traverse and 1900 mm cross-traverse. 
  • Milling power of 70 kW. 
  • Two work areas: (1) Rotary-travelling table of 3000 x 2500 mm V:2500 mm with load capacity for 60 Tn.(2) Multitask table of ø 3500 mm, 2500 mm linear movement and 50 Tn load capacity, capable of supplying 106kW power to perform the turning operations required, and which reaches speeds of 120 Rpm.Rolling over of workpieces over ø 7000 mm. 
  • High degree of customisation: turning heads, tailor-design for the new target workpieces. 
  • Soraluce Advanced Technologies:DAS+, Ram Balance, Adaptive Control and Dynamic Head Calibration (DHC) systems. 
  • SORALUCE Data System: complete monitoring package.



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