General engineering


Cast iron and steel structures for wind and energy industries and for machine building industries

Project goal

Machining of very demanding big components with fewer adjustments and with fewer work phases, as well as faster.

Project solution

Multitask floor type machine FS 16000

  • Complete multitasking function: milling and turning
  • Advanced SORALUCE technologies: Ram Balance, DAS System, Accura Heads, Easy Tools and Adaptive Control.
  • The machine integrates two working areas: milling and boring area with rotary-travelling table 2500 x 2500 mm W: 1500 mm and one turning area based on a  travelling turning table Ø 3000 mm W: 1500 mm
  • Machine equipped with several heads to cover different types of machining operations: continuous step-less universal head, 600 mm length fixed horizontal head, external turning head  and internal turning head
  • Automatic head and tool changing systems
  • Standard tool magazine for 120 tools and a special tailored one for 6 large-sized tools.
  • Full splash guarding

We chose the SORALUCE multi-function machining centre precisely because of its multiple capacities and advanced functions

Riku Ainasvuori
Executive director