Mechanical engineering


Large energy components

Project goal

Versatility and minimum number of workpiece set-ups

Project solution

SORALUCE FXR-16000 floor type milling boring machine:

  • Large vertical traverse (7000 mm), which enables very tall workpieces to be machined in a single set-up
  • Multitasking configuration: milling, boring, turning and drilling operation in the same machine, in the same set-up
  • Machine equipped with several heads to cover different types of machining operations: orthogonal head 1°x1, step-less universal head 0.001ºx0.001º, modular quill,  angular head 2.5°x2.5, angular head with C axis
  • Machine equipped with NC facing head, which eliminates the need for the turning machine operation
  • Advanced SORALUCE technologies: Ram Balance System and Modular Quill, both patented, enabling the highest precision and versatility levels
  • High capacity rotary travelling table 5000 x 5000 mm, cross traverse 3500 mm with a loading capacity of 150 Tn
  • Automatic head changing system with pick-up for 7 heads
  • Automatic tool changing system with tool magazine for 120 tools
  • Resolves the problem of possible centrifugal forces during turning operations since the workpiece, unlike the lathe, remains stationary and does not undergo potential deformations due to its geometry.

By using the new SORALUCE milling and boring machine, we have reduced the cycle time by about 20%, which is certainly an important advantage for us in terms of productivity and competitiveness

Claudio Cervo
CEO and Owner