Capital goods


Woodworking machinery components

Project goal

  • Maximization of productivity
  • Ensure the highest possible performance of the machining process, with the ability to see the status of the machine in real time

Project solution

  • Multifunction machine
  • Two work stations for pendular machining
  • SORALUCE milling and turning head

Digitalization with SORALUCE Data System and SORALUCE Interoperability System.

  • Connection of the machine to the ERP system
  • Development of a web server to manage the data traffic between the ERP and the operator
  • Development of an interface on the CNC of the machine 
  • Display of the manufacturing order using a barcode scanner
  • Analysis of the production: number of machined parts, consumptions, reasons for a machine stop, etc.

More information available for us to analyse, less time needed for machine programming and reduced work errors are the main advantages of the digital platform.

Analysis of the processes is key to understanding possible changes in procedures that currently display critical aspects.

Sebastian Bertesi
Managing Director


The solution supplied by SORALUCE incorporates the monitoring system SORALUCE Data System, an analysis tool that extracts valuable information from the data generated by the machine and monitors its state to ensure the highest possible performance of the machining process, with the ability to see the status of the machine in real time.

Do you believe the new digital paradigm in production simplifies the interaction between machines, people and processes?

Yes, I’m sure it does, and since the first jobs done on the SORALUCE FLP 6000 we’ve had the proof.

What main advantages do you think the application of Industry 4.0 concepts will bring to your activity?

More information available for us to analyse, less time needed for machine programming, reduced work errors.

What are the main difficulties you come across when implementing Industry 4.0 in your company?

The average age in our company is low and we have many young people who have open minds regarding the use of technology. We’ve therefore had no problems in terms of learning new technologies. The only area where we may perhaps see some resistance is in changes to the logistics interconnection processes, which entails new tasks for operators. However, we anticipate that these will be accepted within the context of the overall system.

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Stromab - SORALUCE
Stromab - SORALUCE
Stromab - SORALUCE