Landing gear

Project goal

Reduce cycle times and improve the part set-up process.

Project solution

Bed type milling machine SORALUCE TA-D

  • Rotary table 1250 x 1250 mm.
  • Stepless universal head 0,001º x 0,001º to reach any spatial position.
  • Angular head attached to the spindle nose of the main indexing head. Full kinematic integration to obtain a complete spatial positioning control.
  • Small facing head attached to the spindle nose of the indexing head with full kinematic integration.
  • Complete turning and boring  functionality in any spatial position.
  • Workpiece touch probe operation with stepless universal heads and angular heads.

Soraluce custom cycles:

  • Automatic guided workpiece centering and reference process. No need of part alignment.
    • Measuring cycles to calculate the spatial angle of the tool, covering the most demanded challenges on the landing gear maintenance.
    • Cycles can executed using two different touch probes (one for the stepless head and one for the angular head) or using just one touch probe on an adapter and two calibration sets.
  • Complete functionality of the facing heads on turning / boring operations.
  • Complete functionality in any special angle when using the Soraluce stepless universal head.


Soraluce helped us to improve the productivity of the landing gear maintenance process:

  • Cycle time  reduction.
  • Machining parts simultaneously for small landing gears and auxiliary parts.
Thomas Pichon
Project Manager



soraluce aerospace landing gear milling
soraluce aerospace landing gear turning