Zanini Renk


Gear systems


Medium-large sized components of gear systems for the most demanding industries.

Project goal

Repeatability of the batch in line with the level of quality and tolerance required by the latest lines of speed reducers, variable speed drives and speed changers. 

Project solution

Vertical turning centre VTC-2500:

  • Multifunctional machine, combining turning, milling, drilling operations
  • Maximum turning swing of 2500 mm and a turning height up to 2400 mm
  • Several tool holders to cater to different turning, milling and drilling operations
  • Automatic head and tool changing system
  • Workpieces machined in one set-up
  • Significant reduction in operating times
  • Totally automated machine 
  • High productivity and precision results
  • Eco-machine, energy saving
  • Low maintenance

Using the SORALUCE VTC and its turning and milling head capabilities, we can finish our parts in one single set-up within its required tight tolerances

Mauro Oscar dos Santos Cardoso
Zanini Renk



Zanini Renk - SORALUCE
Zanini Renk - SORALUCE
Zanini Renk - SORALUCE
Zanini Renk - SORALUCE